Manufacturer Barcode Tracking?

QUESTION - When Amazon says that a product is “illegible for manufacturer barcode tracking”, does this mean that we don’t have to apply FNSKU stickers and case use the UPCs already present on the products?

I’m curious because if that’s the case it would make processing inventory MUCH quicker.

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That means that you HAVE to use their stickers.

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@MBahe @APlusSeller is correct! This means that you have to use Amazon’s FNSKU stickers. The risk of using Manufacturer barcodes in general is then there is no way to make sure your inventory is not getting commingled.

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Thank you! That’s what I gathered from one of the rambling Amazon threads, but I just wanted to confirm.

I was hoping to save some time, but I guess in the grand scheme of things a couple hours a month isn’t too bad right now.

Appreciate the responses. :slight_smile: