Option for redirect after workflow completion

For context, I schedule some workflows to run each day and I have Zapier create new workflows. A lot of times I have several workflows in the workflow list to complete.

Currently, when a workflow is completed it is redirecting back to the folder of templates that workflow was created from. I would find it helpful for the redirect to go back to the workflow list to find the next workflow that I will be working on.

Is there a setting that I have missed that would allow this? If not is that a feature that might be able to be included, or as an option that could be selected to choose where you are redirected?

Hi Kevin! Thanks for sharing this suggestion. I’ve added a feature request here that you can vote on if you use Trello: https://trello.com/c/BHK3WK4Q/49-custom-redirect-after-a-workflow-is-completed