Paid For LinkedIn with Sales Navigator and Snovio

LinkedIn…something I just noticed. We use paid-for LinkedIn premium with Sales Navigator and Snovio to discover names, titles, emails and locations of potential email recipients at BOs. This process and these tools work great!

Something I just noticed is that the company employees in Sales Navigator that we VIEW/SCAN FOR CONTACT INFORMATION are notified by LinkedIn that I am LOOKING AT THEM. As a result, they have a link back to my profile and CAN SEE AND INVESTIGATE ME.

Realizing this, I may want to carefully re-write my old LinkedIn profile to anticipate they might do this…which is could be before I ever send my email or contact them about my wholesale inquiry. This could be a good thing!! Use my LinkedIn profile as an introduction to value propositions and website.

Consequently, if I carefully and craftily introduce myself in my LinkedIn profile expecting some BOs to see my profile BEFORE they get my email, I could positively preempt my email. Even if they check me out after getting my email I could make it a positive message. Correct?? Does anyone have any experiences and thoughts on this?

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We were literally talking this morning about running a 2 week long test using LinkedIn for outreach. Our company profile and each our our own profiles have been updated in anticipation of the views we will receive.

My advice to you is this: try reaching out only to CEO. Don’t pitch. Instead, use a max of 3 sentences to point out a problem you have discovered and then ask for a call.

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I like it.

“Ask for a call”?

Like a live call?

Like publish my phone number on LinkedIn?

Or did you mean to ask for an email reply?

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The goal is always to get an online meeting scheduled so that we can discuss the opportunity face to face. That is when the magic happens :slight_smile:

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Makes good sense

Trent, what software do you use to screenshare the online meeting?

We use Zoom and Team Viewer for screen sharing both free versions

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We use Zoom

Maybe this explains why I was getting weird responses from people on linkedIn! My background is completely unrelated to Amazon.

I use the business package that’s 47.99/month, I got it for unlimited 3rd degree profile views. In your opinion does the premium with sales navigator offer substantial advantages?

Also are you still doing all your searching with the free version of

Yes still using free snovio unless we start a month of processing a large batch of extractions then I buy a month or two of credits then cancel when extractions are done. We do extractions periodically in large batches then load into HubSpot for periodic emails.

As for Linked In premium that is all I know. It seems to help us locate names pretty good but I have nothing else to compare it to.

Did you get my reply sent a few minutes ago?

I am unfamiliar with the LI business package? Does it work like the premium Navigator and find the names and titles?

The premium navigator is part of the sales plan, my plan is the business plan (17/month cheaper). Has the navigator been really useful? Do you have to do a lot less searching to find the right person?

It usually doesn’t take too long to find someone, the biggest difference for me was getting the unlimited 3rd degree connection restriction removed.

Navigator is all we know at this time.

It works well for us.


Too busy with other stuff ie inventory and repricing to deal with that at the moment.

Will re-evaluate once we turn our extraction machine back on