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Product Inserts Best Practices

We bag most products. This seems like an opportunity to add a product insert.

What are the best practices for the use of product inserts on FBA units?


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@Rick Product inserts are against TOS. If Amazon finds them they can close or suspend your listing or account. I would highly discourage this.

Are inserts that have information about the product and tips for usage without any marketing against TOS?

It has to be from the manufacturer and have no personal branding and cannot mention other products.

You’re not supposed to lead customers off Amazon with product inserts. But it’s certainly an area I’ve seen a lot of brands step into the grey area…

We personally use 2-3K inserts each month. They all add value to the item being purchased and/or drive customer back to Amazon to purchase a like item within the same brand (different flavor, color etc). I am in no way saying it is or is not against TOS, but we have sent out lots of inserts without any trouble.

Hey Ben,

Thanks Ben. I do similar inserts at half the volume. I have been using a personal note format. I may change to a “Product Information” sheet. I have used links in some of the inserts but removed them because I thought that Amazon may read them as marketing.

How do you drive your customers back to Amazon?

Do you use any of these methods?
Reference to the product name
Reference to the ASIN
Full Link to the listing
Full Link with your seller id
Full Link with an Amazon Associate ID
A short link to one of the above.
An Amazon Associate short link

Would sending the insert information to customers via email be as effective?

We have a couple different inserts we use for different situations and brands.

  1. Brand Story - Tells the history about the brand and some cool images of founders etc. This has an email address on it also, but not other link info. Email is just a support email for any problems.

  2. Cross Selling - Images of the other flavors or types we sell of in the same line. Typically No link, no coupon code etc. From time to time we do a direct call to action with a link (driving back to Amazon), but not always. Sometimes we do for new item launches etc. We realize this does not allow us to always track the ROI but believe it is worth the nominal expense.

  3. Reach out we want to meet you! This is a card that has some cool social proof / lifestyle photos that highlight a Facebook, Intragram link etc.

I would add that many of these tactics are not designed to directly drive sales transactions, but to add more value to the brand and create the halo effect that drives future sales on Amazon.