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Responding to Negative Reviews

Hi Bright Ideas Tribe,
I have a Brand that I told I could manage and respond to negative reviews on their behalf, as I had seen this done on other product listings and I remembered Trent mentioning it. Do any of you know how to do this?

We use Feedback Five to notify us of negative reviews. We coordinate with the brand when responding to reviews, to be sure we’re saying what they want us to.

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Hi @LizD,
Thanks for the response. I hope you, Trent, and your family had a nice vacation. If I were to respond to these negative reviews currently, I would be responding from my storefront name and not the Brand name. Do you know how I can make my responses from the Brand name?

We always make responses from our storefront. To use the brand name, you would either need to change your storefront name to match the brand (which would limit you to responding this way to only one brand… and probably change each time you changed your storefront name).
Or the brand could create a seller account and you could have access to it.

Much easier to just say something like ~StorefrontName on behalf of BrandName

Ok, thanks so much @LizD for the help!

Hi Grant,
Here’s how I do follow up on negative reviews.

  1. Use an automated alert system. I use Zonmaster to send emails and to alert me of negative reviews.
  2. Respond quickly. Set up a recurring task to do it at least twice a week.
  3. Consult with the brand owner on your response to new issues that come up.
  4. Save copies of your responses and use them to build a number of standard responses for repeating issues.
  5. Use the standard responses or modify them to fit the circumstances.
  6. Keep a record of the number of responses you post by product so that you can include the data in your monthly report to brand owners.
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Thanks Rick! I will make sure to implement this!