Responding to supplier's first email response

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After my VA sends emails to prospective brands each week, the replies we receive are typically always the usual “we don’t sell to online sellers” or “we have enough sellers”. Very, very rarely do they even respond with a price list. (I am guessing this is standard?)

Does your VA respond to these emails (based upon the SOP’s), or is this when you email them or try to set up a call to talk to them about deficiencies in their listings, etc in hopes to share your value prop?


Hey Andrew, I’ve been spending most of my time learning about copywriting and sales, before I got a VA so that I’d be prepared for the situation you’re in.

Are these responses to a generic email, like I’d like to open a wholesale account? Or are you getting that response to a long form sales letter?

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@andrew Trent has an informational video on this already:

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