Restocking Software?

I would like some feedback on restocking software? I am at the point where I may need it. I currently use the amazon inventory planning tool. Is this enough or are many of you paying for a 3rd party service?

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Hi @scottschmitz,

We use Seller Legend for our main inventory management tool and it is one of the most useful pieces of software that we use. It allows you to calculate sales velocity over the last 7 days, 30 days, or any period of time you wish. It also calculates gross profit after you enter in COGS for each item so you can quickly see how much money you grossed yesterday or over a span of time. You can check out the features page to see all the program can do.

If you have under 300 SKUs and less than 2,500 orders per month, than it will cost you $49.99/month. You can likely find cheaper inventory management tools but I highly recommend looking into Seller Legend to see if it fits your needs.


Right now we are experimenting with InventoryLab.

Hi @Mitch,

Does Seller Legend allow you to input supplier and track sales and margins that way?


@APlusSeller Absolutely. You can check overall stats on the brand or see all SKUs from the brand broken down on one screen. It’s reporting abilities are very nice.

Does Seller Legend allow you to create purchase orders that you can send to your suppliers with your companies details on it?

@scottschmitz I could have sworn at one point they had a purchase order function but I am unable to find it now. I’ve forwarded your question to the Seller Legend support team so we’ll see what they say about it.

@scottschmitz they do not currently offer the ability to create purchase orders within Seller Legend but it is something they are working on. Support gave me a link to their development road map if you want to take a look.

Support also said:

“We provide a free 21 day trial where we on-board 3-months of user’s order history , this gives trial users access to all the features we offer and can be cancelled any time in case they change their mind”

I’d recommend doing some free trials to figure out which restocking software best fits your needs. As far as purchase order creation goes, we use Xero.

Use Seller legend also is great tool for restocking and knowing profit margin. Today was experimenting Amazon Seller Central and set it to what I have in Seller Legend restocking. Amazon have set to 21 days of stock with 2 weeks to get to Amazon from manufacturer. Seller Legend have 7 days with 3 safety days. Amazon was exact as seller legend almost identical. One or two off sometimes but was amazed how close it was Seller Legend. Maybe something to look into.

thank you, i am going to use the seller central tool for now as I have another software for tracking the business profit.