Reviews wiped out

Any one familiar with reviews wiped out? Is there a way to detect or be notified if the reviews significantly decrease over a short period? Thanks.

@liahsidney I’m not real familiar with this. I’ve heard of a listing with multiple variations being split and each variation only being left with reviews that belonged to it. I’m also not sure about monitoring overall review numbers. Most monitor new reviews but I haven’t found anything that will notify you of decreasing reviews. Keepa or H10 may set it up for you if you ask.

We rely on Helium 10 to see when reviews have changed. They send out emails stating the prior number of reviews and current, e.g.,

" Number of 1-star reviews changed
Old Value: 130
New Value: 131 "

I’m not 100% positive they would email you if the number of POSITIVE reviews dropped, e.g., Old Value 130; New Value 100. But you could email their support and ask.

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This is interesting. I actually don’t know that helium has this feature. But how do you set this up to show that particular report? Not really particular if negative or positive reviews wiped are specified, just needs to know if reviews have been decreased significantly.

@liahsidney you set it up under the Alerts: Hijacker & Product Monitoring page. There is a step in the Setting Up Your Accounts and Getting Started SOP that shows how to do it. We also changed our Seller & Product Review Monitoring SOPs to use H10. These changes were made last month so you may have to ask for updated templates from Flowster to get them.