Screenshot for SOP's

Not sure if you still Skitch for screenshots? I started using it when making SOP’s but i ran into a problem that it does not have a delayed shot for window users. Any other screenshot tools that work well? Update 8/17 I have been using Snagit for a couple of weeks now to create my SOP’s and it has been awesome everything i need. *Recommend

All Free Apps: Jing, PicPick, Greenshot, or Snagit

snipping tool for windows has a delay and then you can copy it to the clipboard and paste it into skitch using the dropdown next to screen snap and use the “clipboard” option.
Sometimes I will also do a screenshot, use clipboard option, crop and then put arrows and stuff.

Do any screenshot tools take a screenshot of the entire page? For example, I’m on one page and have to scroll down several screens to get to the end.

Awesome Screenshot used to capture the whole thing, and not just the currently visible screen. Do any free ones do that now?

While I don’t know of any tools that will screenshot any content not visible on the screen in that moment, you could try looking at Print Preview to see if that gives you what you want, and screenshot that, but you might lose too much detail. That’s why I always do what you described - screenshot, then scroll down, and screenshot again.

Snagit does, watch their video on their page

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tried Snagit and love it