Sending Mass email - Gmass


When you send that mass email to different suppliers using gmass, do you just put all the email address in the “TO” field or “BCC” field? I don’t want to let the recipient know that I have sent this exact email to hundreds of other people plus the fact that the emails of these people are visible.

On the other hand, if I use “BCC” there is the fear that the email will go into spam folder.

Any tip appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @xinod14

When using GMass, your list should auto-populate in the “TO” field. Just make sure you are pressing the GMass button when you send and not the send button. When you click the GMass button, it emails them separately. If you were to click the send button, it would send email with all addresses CC’d.


Thank you for the info @Mitch

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Do you get a lot of messages not delivered, message blocked, rejected due to spam when sending mass email? Started sending emails to brands but I get a lot of emails being returned for a bunch of different reasons. Is this normal? TIA

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@xinod14 You should check your sending reputation. If it is poor, you will be sent to the spam folder more often. It is also recommended that you verify your emails before you send them. We use Neverbounce to do this. Having high bounce rates will lower your sending reputation.

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Thank you for the tip Mitch! Will try Neverbounce asap

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@xinod14 You’re welcome! Hope that increases your deliverability!