Share reorder process

Anyone can share the reorder process?

Do you reorder each day by the recommendation of tool?
Or you have a weekly process?

How to track all the shipments?
How to automate this process?


@MaRa We use Seller Legend to guide us on when to reorder. Depending on how many products you have, you can also go by Seller Central’s suggestions on when to reorder.

I try to group reorders and will have reorder blocks 2 or 3 times a week depending on the total number of reorders I need to do.

Tracking the shipments is explained in the shipping SOPs; specifically the Supplier Inbound Shipment and Create an Inbound Shipment to Amazon SOP.

Overall you may be able to automate much of the reorder process but you need to be very careful. If your settings are off or you have a sales spike, you can easily place a bad order and have capital tied up in Amazon warehouses for an extended period.

If you want to automate the reorder process, I’d recommend shortening the number of days you buy inventory for (i.e. 14 days or so).

Hi Mitch,
Thank you.

How about the lead time,lets say if we have some products lead time for 7-8 days and the same brand other Asins 14-21 lead time.

Do you use lead time in the Asin level or the brand level?

@MaRa With a significant difference such as that, I would say ASIN level. For most we stick to brand level but, for one of our suppliers, we have different ASIN lead times for products we ship direct to Amazon vs those we ship to our warehouse.