Share your biggest win (story)

What has been your biggest win so far? Tell the story of how you got it. Best story (as selected by me, gets a free Bright Ideas t-shirt :slight_smile:

Found a dollar store item while browsing their online ad for ideas… bought some units to test… created a keyword rich listing with nice photos…all sold rapidly… bought as many as i could get and ended up selling 250 units with a 4K profit before they ran out online/in stores… bsr was under 7k at times so i sold as many as 15-20 units in a day…now searching for a manufacturer for my own PL product because the product keywords are very hot and popular …
this one product alone helped me achieve my first 10K sales month outside of Q4 so it has really boosted my confidence and conviction that this CAN work for me and my family!

Chris…that is fantastic!!! So happy to hear you have had your first success already!