It looks like with the free version of, you’re limited to something like 50 searches. Should we upgrade to a paid plan, or just extract the email addresses into Hubspot?

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Ya I did not realize this at first either but I guess if you needed too for the process then you would want to pay for it.

@MBahe Yes we have a paid account but we also use several other email extracting tools to test and see what provides the best quality emails. You may be able to get away with free memberships using 5+ different tools depending on how many VAs you are running and how many emails/month you want to send.

Do find good responses from the addresses? So far, my experience has been that most of them bounce back.

@terrifetters is about on par with most of the other tools we use. We’ve recently started tracking which tools produced the address but we don’t have enough data yet to give a meaningful value on which tools work best.

I would also recommend you use an application to filter out bounces before you send. We’ve recently started using NeverBounce to verify our email addresses. It’s a cent per verification but can keep your delivery rate and email reputation from being hurt.

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