Social Media Video Content Engine Playbook

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For most businesses and entrepreneurs, social media is an important aspect of networking and gaining social recognition. This playbook will show you how to utilize video content to increase post frequency and engagement on social media. Since implementing these procedures, we saw a 380% increase in engagement.

What Is Covered?
This playbook includes step by step instructions on how to:

  1. Convert raw video footage into shareable clips for social media

  2. Schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as make manual posts to TikTok, LinkedIn and Youtube.

  3. Set up CoSchedule’s ReQueue feature to automatically recycle social media posts

  4. Record social media statistics

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It also include:

  1. The objectives of your company as far as social media is concerned;
  2. The roles and responsibilities of every employee in social media (both personal and company managed accounts);
  3. The Rules of Engagement;
  4. Guidelines for Reporting and;
  5. Your company’s Social Media Policy.