SOP's and Copy write

Just wanted to know if there are things that i can’t use in my SOP’s when i sell them in the marketplace; like youtube vids, pics from the net, blog links, etc.? Can have whatever i want for my SOP’s when using them in my business?

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@BetterLifeSales That is a great question. I think Fair Use policy becomes inconsistent when you monetize it. As is seen in WEBS though, we do reference other people’s work and link to it. @Trent_Dyrsmid do you know what can and cannot be used in a monetized SOP?

Any content that you don’t own cannot be monetized without permission from the content creator/owner.

Let us say we use Ahrefs for something, can we put a link to tell someone doing the task to go to a video on their Youtube channel?

Yes, as long as you make it clear via attribution, you can. In face, you can even embed their Youtube video into the SOP.