Sourcing without VA

I’m new to selling on Amazon.
I understand how important VAs are, and I’m currently searching for one and saving up money for one, but in the meantime, what’s the best way to source products?
I just need a few accounts so I can have more money to hire a VA or two and then scale my business.
With WEBS, sourcing myself takes a lot of time, so instead of entering all the details in the spreadsheet, could I just email as I find companies and keep a list of who has responded back and who needs to be called?

@mshayanh13 You definitely could, but it would be near impossible to scale at a later date. WEBS sourcing is time consuming but it is meant to be the beginning systems for a larger business.

Hi Laura. Is that why in the “Leaf Product Sourcing: Step 2: Product Extractions”, the low profit columns are only to hidden and not deleted?

It is not. We hide those rows instead of delete so we can go back and spot check our VA’s work on a monthly/weekly basis. Hidden rows should not be imported into Hubspot.

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