Storefront Question

If I am posting this in the wrong place, my apologies up front. @LizD. I would like to know if I walked into your storefront that you have in your warehouse. Can I buy product there? I only ask because I have an opportunity to add a storefront to my warehouse and I really don’t want the hassle of selling to walk inns but I realize that brands want this. How do you negotiate this and if you do sell. How much stock do you keep for you retail store.

@scottschmitz we would be able to do transactions if needed, but we have not had any walk-ins. You can add a storefront without it needing to be an optimized space. Prices in the storefront match MAP or the Amazon price that we offer.

Thank you. Do you get many reps that come to visit the store? I am trying to figure out how “STORE LIKE” Would you be able so attach any pics of your storefront?

@scottschmitz We get quite a few reps coming into our store, it is nothing particularly special about our storefront but it does pass the sniff test. Sorry we can’t attach any pictures, as it would show all of our products.