Strategies to Reduce Shipping Costs

Shipping is a big expense in our business. We have all sorts of things we’ve done to reduce costs:

  • we always ask if better shipping prices are available

  • we shop around whenever possible… with our freight broker, with UPS vs FedEx, etc… prices change all the time and if we don’t shop around we’ll miss those changes

  • if we’re sending parcel shipments, we’ll sometimes repackage in larger boxes - as close to 50 lb as we can get so we don’t run into oversize fees

  • If we’re selling FBM items on Amazon around the $10 price point, we’ll price them at $9.99 so we don’t have to provide tracking… this keeps shipping costs down substantially and nets us more than listing the product for $10.99

What other ways have you been able to reduce shipping costs?


Although it takes longer, we try to use LTL from our prep center to Amazon. You always have to weigh the time against the cost.

A little ninja trick I recently learned with FBA shipping plans is-
Not entering box dimensions. Only enter weight
More of a time saver but, sometimes also cheaper shipment cost with just weight and no dimensions.
Makes communications easier/quicker also if shipping direct from a supplier to FBA. No need for be asking them to provide box dimensions of shipments.


Thanks for the tip, I will give this a try!

Here is a resource that we have used to gain cheaper shipping at times.

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That doesn’t work anymore. You’re required to enter box dimensions.

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