Takeaway #2 from the Mastermind Weekend

Today I’m going to share my next big takeaway from the mastermind I attended last weekend.

As I wrote yesterday, the biggest area that I have dropped the ball in building my personal brand has been to rely solely on organic traffic and not use any advertising.

In 2020, I’m going to start advertising, and I’m going to do it in two ways.

Way #1: Facebook retargeting campaigns. Thankfully, I’ve had a Facebook pixel on my site for ages, so my Facebook audience will be pretty big and as retargeting is the cheapest way to advertise online, showing ads to people who have already been to my site will be pretty inexpensive.

Way #2: Running Youtube ads to cold traffic (people who have never been to my site and have no idea who I am). These campaigns will be more costly and I actually did experiment with them a tiny bit in mid 2019.

Being as I want to learn a lot more about running ad campaigns, expect me to publish more interviews with ad experts in the weeks/months ahead.

In fact, I just recorded one with a woman who used to work at both Facebook and Instagram and I’m working on putting a deal together with her to run my campaigns for me.

When it comes to running ads, you have to lay the right foundation, and a huge part of that foundation is knowing exactly what your audience wants, as well as the language they use to describe it.

That is why I’m asking you to take 2 minutes to fill out my community feedback survey.

Why take the time to help me? Because I’m going to help you by coming out with more free training material for you and if you don’t tell me what you want/need, I won’t know what to create.

Sound fair?

Go fill out the survey now, ok?

Take my survey now: http://brightideas.co/survey

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@Trent-Admin What makes the retargeting ads less expensive than the cold traffic ads?

They just are. I don’t know why.