The Wholesale Formula Works Training (TWF)


I am brand-new to e-commerce and in some of the videos and podcasts that I’ve listened to, there’s been mention of the wholesale formula training (TWF). I was wondering if anyone here has taken their training course. If so, could you tell me around how much the course cost and whether or not you would recommend others taking the course.

Thank you

@Vision Here’s a good review on TWF. Hopefully you’ll also get some good first hand reviews soon as well.


I am a TWF Alumni. I think the course is highly valuable. The course is comprised of a series of videos and lots of collateral material to support getting started in selling Wholesale on Amazon. As with any training course, you will get out of it what you put in and the action you based the information you learn. If you learn but don’t act, it will be a huge waste of money.

I would put the TWF course into the context the “why and what” you need to do to get a wholesale business going and the material from Trent on Flowser as the “how” to put the learnings into practice.

I don’t want to disclose the pricing in this forum but it is similar to what Trent charges for his material. I will say the training is worth the investment.

I hope this helps

We’ll be having Dan from TWF do a webinar this Thursday at 7pm EDT, so keep an eye out for an email invitation from Bright Ideas.

Thank you! I just registered for the webinar. I’m really excited about starting my business, but I have no wholesale knowledge at all. I have your materials and their wonderful, but I don’t fully understand what I’m doing with them.

Thank you so much Bob! I really appreciate your post. I’m looking forward to gaining more information about how to best run my wholesale business. Thank you for your input and your recommendation, it was extremely helpful.