Thoughts on chasing price

Hi there,

I have a new wholesale product that has had two FBA sellers on it for what looks like a while. Now I show up with my inventory and list slight higher than the lowest seller and he appears to have a repricer that immediately drops his price. I once again go down to just slight above his price and he goes down again… I do seem to have found his floor but my question is this, would you wait for him to sell through his inventory or follow him down to get a portion of the buy box. Of course he can always replenish. Any thoughts? I

How much higher were you pricing?

I am trying to stay within 2% above of the lowest FBA seller.

@BobG Does the supplier have MAP in place? Pricing is a HUGE issue for brands that give you a great in. Ask the brand some questions about MAP and where they want their online pricing to be. See where that conversation leads and maybe you can turn it into an exclusive or get the product at a better price than the other sellers.

If the other sellers can easily get more product, the only outcomes are to make slim margins; or for one of you to find out what the brand wants and partner with them to make it happen.