Tracking COGS

Does anyone have any advise on how to track profits and COGS? Preferably I would like to track for both Amazon as well as my website. One of the things that is confusing me is tracking buy costs when the percentage discount may change between orders.


We use Seller Legend to track COGS for Amazon sales, of course it’s only a good estimate and our accounting provides accurate numbers overall but we like SL because it gives great day of estimates and our books are only up to date after Amazon payments are reconciled.

Ive used inventory lab to track all my COGS. It does a pretty good job of tracking all the pertinent expenses from seller-central as well.

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Thank you. Just started using Inventory Lab and it seems to be exactly what we were looking for.

With Inventory Lab and Seller Legend, do you use them in conjunction with accounting software such as QuickBooks, or instead of?

@terrifetters used in conjunction with. You need the accounting software to accurately track your purchase orders and bills.

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