Training a VA to find brand contact information

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble helping to train my VA to find the contact information for brands. My linkedin profile has fifty+ connections, but when doing some brand contact research with my VA we both have been running into blocked pages of people. Keep in mind this is with a LinkedIn premium business account, although it’s still the first free month.

I’m wondering if the first free month actually has all the same capability as when I actually start paying next month, but maybe not?

Also, when showing my VA how to find the company website, using that to find their linkedin page, to then use to find contact information on their company page. What else can I do to help train my VA? I was thinking of just showing her more examples of how I do the research, but maybe there is something else I can get to reveal information about businesses I will be reaching out to?

I know the TWF guys have talked about being able to buy access to business information for each state? Does anyone remember what that’s called? Is it available through the chamber of commerce of each state?

@Cameron.B Hopefully when you actually start paying you won’t be limited anymore.

One thing we do for more complex tasks is shoot videos using Loom. That way they can refer back to you walking through the task whenever they need it.

I have camtasia to record my screen. I’m definitely planning on recording doing product research.

You know I think I’ll contact LinkedIn to see what’s up.

I found out that you will always be limited to third degree search for paid Linkedin accounts, except for one.

It’s called a sales navigator account. This account will let you view profiles way outside your range, but it will only let you do this 25 times per month.

I’ve also been looking into this company called I can see they have contact information for just about all the people I want to reach.

There is also another company like this called

@Cameron.B Thank you for sharing these other sites!