(TWF) Product Scorecard

Does anyone know where to find the The Wholesale Formula’s (TWF) Product Scorecard. that is mentioned in the Brand Pre-Call Research SOP?


@MoniqueAndKerry I don’t believe a product scorecard is mentioned in the SOP. We also don’t mention TWF sheets and files as their systems are their own just as ours are. So if you see something you don’t recognize, it should be found in WEBS Spreadsheets and Documents.

Are you talking about step 8: Screenshot: Product Score? We should add a couple of screenshots to that step to show what we mean but basically, if you click on the Viral Launch or Jungle Scout extension, you can go to a market trends tab and take a screenshot that looks like the one below.

Hey Monique and Kerry:
Re: Score Cards!

Yes, I do know. It’s a part of the TWF Scorecardand is on the front of the TWF Scouting and Sourcing Workbook and is part of the 21 point checklist.

If you have the JungleScout Web App, they also have an Opportunity Score

The WEBS Brand Pre-Call Research is a little misleading and should be re-worded.

Hope this helps.

Annette Branch