Unit cost allowance for prep services

Hi! For those that are using prep centers, how much cost do you add on per unit to account for all expenses for prepping? Prep center we are trying to use charges for receiving, per unit prepping and boxes. TIA

We are currently paying for prep and packaging. Cost breakdown is close to as follows:
Single Unit - $0.90/unit
2 Packs - $1.25/unit
3-5 Packs - $1.50/unit
6+ Packs - $1.65/unit

About $0.10/unit

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$0.90/unit for a single seems very high if your doing a lot of volume. Is this because your account is still relatively new?

@KeithH We could go up tiers to get slightly better pricing but, with the way MyFBA Prep works, it is far more costly to go under your monthly unit minimum than over. It does seem high though but we looked at several before going with them.

Ahh ok, you’d think having @Trent_Dyrsmid’s face on their homepage would get you a discount :wink:

@KeithH You’d think!! haha