Uploading Image from Evernote

I can’t find out how to upload images from Evernote?

Where are you trying to upload the images to? Into a Template’s Image Widget?

Yes the Image Widget

I’m not super familiar with Evernote, but I’ve used its Notes feature before. If you have an image in a Note, you can right-click and save it to your computer, then upload that file to the Template’s Image Widget.

Hopefully someone else has more familiarity with Evernote?


@BetterLifeSales Are you on PC or Mac? Skitch is an Evernote product that makes it very easy to simply drag and drop photos into widgets. I don’t believe it is offered for PC anymore though.

I haven’t used Evernote on PC very much but @Kane’s answer is about the quickest route I’ve found to do it. Hopefully somebody knows a better way to do it. Otherwise, it might be better to find a screenshot application that is more PC compatible. You’ll save time if you have a drag and drop application.