Use The Viral Launch Chrome Extension To Evaluate Amazon Markets

Use the Viral Launch Chrome Extension to Evaluate Amazon Markets

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SOP Overview

This SOP will teach you how to use Viral Launch to determine the potential of Amazon products, from a seller’s perspective.

Why Is This Important?

Product research is crucial for Amazon sellers. Without properly selecting products to sell, you risk lowering your profit margins, or even losing money entirely.

What Is Covered?

You will learn about:

  • using keywords to find profitable markets
  • analyzing market potential by:
    • estimated search volume
    • product idea score
    • top sellers
    • market trends
  • analyzing product potential by:
    • top sellers
    • top seller margins
    • top seller reviews
    • top seller sales to reviews ratios

When To Run It

Run this every time you’re looking for more Amazon products to sell.

Who Should Run It

Have someone on your Amazon Sales team complete this workflow.

Software Required

A Viral Launch account.