VA Scouting Expectation

Hey everyone! What expectations should I have for my VAs in regard to how long it should take them to find x number of leads? Say 100 for example. I want to get a baseline for what work speeds I should consider medium, good, excellent etc. What is the speed at which your VAs are able to accrue a good list of leads?

It depends a lot on exactly how you’re filtering for leads, and on how new you are. Our VAs sometimes only get 2-8 leads/hour worked… but that includes extraction time and finding high quality email addresses (not just info@).
We also used to get more per hour… but a few years in and we end up finding a number of companies that we already have emailed.

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Interesting. How many hours a week does your sourcing VA/VAs work? And how many leads do they normally extract? From finding the product to finding brand email etc. the whole process.

We always have multiple VAs and most work 40 hours/week. Extracted leads varies wildly depending on the seller extracting… sometimes there are none left after filtering, sometimes hundreds.

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