VA using PC2 & Revseller

My VA reported not having the Amazon Browser in his PC2. He downloaded the paid software & is using a US address VPN. He entered the correct MWS and Seller ID but still cant get it to work.
Does he have to be actually signed in my Amazon Seller account when setting up PC2?

Also considering subscribing to Revseller too. It seems that I also have to be logged in my Seller Central account for it to show brand restrictions. Any suggestions?

I would suggest you reach out to PC2 support.

Try Seller Central coaching

I would consider that you might need to get the VA’s name and contact info and email, and under permissions - name the VA and email him an invitation, and set his permissions . Then the VA would need to be recognized by Amazon if the software requires being in the system . You can request an Amazon coach to send walk you through directions and advise you.

It could be a PC2 problem, or an Amazon problem, or a problem of lack of link up and or lack of permissions.

Thanks for the tip guys!