VA workload

I’m about to hire my first VA and want to know how much workload is ideal for him. I plan to delegate 100% of our sourcing activities to him but don’t know how much more I should expect from a fulltime VA.

I’d love to hear your recommendations.


@twentyfoursevenagent What exactly do you mean by “workload”? Do you mean how many Product Extractions to assign at a time? We assign as many Product Extractions as possible to our VAs, then they work through as many as possible at 40 hours per week.

I see @Laura.

I plan to have them do Leaf Sourcing. How many competitor storefronts should I expect from them to find and add to the tracking sheet? 50/100/200 per workday? How many completed product extractions?

I just want to have an idea on what is reasonable for me to expect from them based on your experience.

@twentyfoursevenagent That depends on many factors, such as: your qualifying filters, how long it takes to find email addresses, how fast your VAs are, how fast their computers are, how large the Product Extraction is, etc.

There is no magic number, unfortunately, since all Product Extractions are different sizes. We manage it by communicating to our VAs that we need 300 email addresses of qualified leads in hubspot each week, so they need enough extractions to meet that mark. We have at least 10 competitors in the Competitor tracking document at all times.

Hi @Laura , I’m also setting up a team of VAs and looking at setting up goals for the scouting of products. It’s not that I doubt that they are doing a great job but I think it would help setting up goals so we have something to strive for. When you say 300 email addresses each week is that for each VA or for the whole VA team?

@peter It would be awesome if the team found over 300 emails per week, however our metric is that they need to make sure that 300 emails are ready to be sent each week (this means that it needs to go through the sourcing process, from extracted to import). This is our goal for the whole VA team.

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Thanks for a swift reply @Laura. May I ask how many VAs you have doing that?

1 Managing VA (this VA makes sure everyone else is on task and can communicate regularly with the others, they also work on regular daily tasks or special projects).

1 VA that is half time Product Extractions, and the rest of the time does daily tasks for us.

2 VAs who are full time Product Extractions.

Thanks @Laura, appreciate that.

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So let’s say the VA extacts a large store with 1000s of items but only belonged to 20 brands
How would the VA get 300 leads since just extracting the one store with 1000s of it produces little leads but took many hours to get to that?

They would need to extract multiple storefronts (and finish multiple Product Extractions) to get to the 300 mark. Sometimes 300 leads can take a full 40 hour work week with more than one VA, but it is up to our VAs to work and make sure they hit that mark.