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Hi All!

How do ya’ll give your VA’s access to your software tools? I gave my VA’s my developer ID’s and MWS token, but they were unable to get access.

Hey @angie! Which tools in particular are you referring to? It’d be a case-by-case basis, meaning each tool would have its own method for sharing access.

PC2 and Keepa mainly.

We give them the same login info we use. Some programs like PC2 do require extra info as you’ve noted… I’m not sure what the problem is but would suggest the two of you get on the phone together. If the info you’re providing is accurate, it might be that your VA is not putting something in correctly?

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As part of the VA hiring process, we ask them to take a screenshot showing their internet speed. Is there a minimum speed that we’re looking for in order for them to be able to run PC2, etc?

Not particularly, we just find it helpful to see how fast the computer they are working on it.

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I have another tool related question. My VA is saying that their linkedin profile is now requiring an upgrade to premium to access more company/person profiles. How do ya’ll handle this? Should I just send them the extra funds to pay for their subscription or do you even think linkedin is required.

I do have a paid account that they utilize.

@angie Snovio needs a paid LinkedIn. We all use one paid LinkedIn account and our VAs have access to it.

Thank you so much! That clears it up :slight_smile:

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