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We received 2 Received Intellectual Property Complaints


We received 2 Received Intellectual Property Complaints last week. This is a company that we work directly with and sell about 7 other SKUs of theirs.

We filled an appeal that included 2 previous order receipts and also an authorization letter from the President of the company.

Then I just got the notice that it was rejected today.

Any advice or tips would be great. Thank You

So my assumption is that you contacted Amazon and they rejected your claim?

My question is whether the brand owner knows that you are selling on Amazon or not? If they do and you order directly from them then why don’t you reach out to the brand contact? I know there is a way for the BO to retract their claims and we have successfully done that in the past

We have and they also had it filed against them. We even provided 2 previous orders and an authorization letter.

We have had the same issue on a product direct from the brand owner, which is 1 of10 products purchased directly from them. 50 units quarantined on April 18th. I have now filed 8 appeals to Amazon, each containing a Letter of Authorization from the brand also confirming that there is no IP infringement in relation to the specific SKU in question. They confirmed that they never raised this IP infringement, so my question is, who the hell else is entitled to raise an IP infringement case against me as a seller, if they are not the IP rights holder themselves???

I have sent in a very strong letter a week ago and have not had a response yet. If it is successful, I’ll let you know what it was.

@donaldo- You are telling me that the brand themselves received an IP claim?

@Steve - Sometime authorized brand agent can file IP claim on behalf of the brand via brand registry. My guess is that is how the brand doesn’t know about it. Did you try to get the brand registered?

@donaldo It sounds like the Brand is not Brand Registered, or if they are then one of their Brand Registered Agents are reporting them. This is going to be a struggle with Amazon, because it is likely that you will need to get Amazon to accept the Brand you are working with as the Brand Owner.