WEBS Flash Sale

Hi Trent. I didn’t get notified of the WEBS Flash Sale. I am interested. Can you fill me in what the sale was about, please.


Hi Mac, in the flash sale, the price was the normal price, and I had put together a list of bonuses worth $1,100. WEBS_Bonuses-2

Curious if the EFT Membership is the Ecommerce Fast Track membership fully paid for one year or . . .
The Flowster Trial, is that a one year trial needed to use WEBS?
Like the idea of a Viral Launch discount of $396, what plan and duration is the plan?


The EFT membership bonus is for one year. Re Flowster, you need it for as long as you want to be able to use WEBS because WEBS doesn’t work without the Flowster software.

The Viral Launch bonus is for this plan