WEBS Strikes Again!

Here’s yet another huge new opportunity from the outbound email campaigns that we are able to easily do with WEBS.

I’m particularly excited to see that they spoke with 3 other companies, and we are the only one they are considering. This is the kind of thing that happens when you’ve done your homework and are prepared for the call (WEBS covers this)

This account will be worth north of $10K/mo in gross profit.

Happy to answer any questions you have.

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I love this! That’s so exciting Trent! I can’t wait to be in similar positions😁! One question I have, I know Warren Carter was using a “brand health review” that he emails brands that shows them what is being done poorly with their listing etc. does your company do something similar? If so, what’s the best formatting/layout for this that conveys a sense of urgency the best? Is there a software or something that allows you to do this easily? @Trent-Admin

We have a template in WEBS for our VAs to prepare a report for a brand. We find it effective to compare & contrast their listings, PPC, sales, etc with some of their competitors.

Could we get the explicit WEBS folder and template title for that report? Thanks.

SOURCING: Brand Pre-Call Research

Got it, thanks!