What do distributors care about?


What do distributors care about in Amazon sellers like us? What is Amazon sellers value prop for distributors beyond the purchase order?

Thanks in advance!


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The big thing we’ve found distributor sales reps care about is their commission…

My background is distribution, so hopefully I can give some info. The questions truly depends on the size of the distributor. You have distributors that are small and local all the way up to distributors that do 25-100 Billion annually. Even with that said all distributors are focused on selling product. Your typical distributor has slim margins, so they want more volume. The larger distributors the only true value you can add is sales volume. Unfortunately until your buying big #s that is not a real value prop. For the smaller distributor you may be able to add value by helping them get sales volume on new items they bring in or slower items they need sales on. The very very small distributors may need help in other areas, but the med to big ones just want sales in my experience.

Hopefully that helps a bit.

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Thank you Liz and Ben!

Distributors: Care about how deep your pockets are.

Manufacturers: Care about how you will represent their brand and if you will damage the consumers image of the brand. If you can provide value to them.

Also…you get a better margin when dealing with manufacturers for the most part.