What email marketing tool(s) do you recommend?

There’s so many of them out there … which ones do you like and why?

Hi @Kane,

GMass has great ease of use, deliverability, and stats reporting. We’ve also tried Quickmail and Snov.io. Quickmail’s automated followups are fantastic. I couldn’t get Snov.io to work well at all for me but the conditional sequencing it boasts has a lot of potential.

I’d really like an email marketing tool that has the ability to build great followup sequences but can pick up email domains. By that I mean if I send an email to John@abc.com but get a response from Ann@abc.com, I don’t want a followup to be sent to John again.

Does anyone know of an email marketing tool with this capability?

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Use nethunt. Integrates with gsuite account. Can stay in gsuite account and put in stages in nethunt. Easier than HubSpot to set up. Train my va to send template emails in net hunt and made my life so much easier. Only respond to emails that need my attention. When using gmass had 15% emails did not go through. Using nethunt probably under 5% maybe lower. Big fan of nethunt in my business.

Does Nethunt have followup capabiliies similar to GMass?


@Dwtarbe That sounds great. I’ll look into it.