What email should be used for VA software use?

Does it matter what email you have linked to the software your VAs use? Would it be wise to use a specific software use email for these tasks? like: research@insert website name
This may be negligible and might not matter but part of me thinks to have separate emails used for different tasks in your business could help at separating and delegating out things. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@WillCompere It depends on how much you are using free versions of software. In particular with email lead finding tools, if you are using free versions you will have short limits placed on usage. In this case, you will certainly want each VA using their own email.

If you are paying for most of your software and don’t have limits, then one email will work fine and make managing software usernames and passwords easier.

So using my personal website email as the login for my software is preferable? Also gives more security in case for whatever reason they try to change the password or do something shady, my email would get hit with a notification about it

@WillCompere Ya so for your paid accounts, consider using the same personal website email. For unpaid accounts, VAs can just use their own emails.