What is the biggest obstacle to your success?

Yesterday, I was down in San Diego for the final day of a 2-day mastermind event filled with other online business owners doing 6-7 figures and the new ideas and growth strategies that I have been exposed to over the last weekend were nothing short of incredible.

I also realized that, much to my disgust, I’ve had a few limiting beliefs preventing me from ramping up my business even faster.

For example; every entrepreneur on planet earth struggles to raise capital; especially in the beginning.

Did you know that there is a way to access capital with a 0% interest?

Did you know that you can use this capital to buy inventory, hire employees, and even buy a business or real estate?

If someone had walked up to me on the street and told me this was possible, I would have laughed at them.

Well guess what? I was wrong, and you can access this capital simply by googling “zero interest credit cards”.

The worst part about limiting beliefs is that we usually don’t even know if we have them.

To find yours, all you need to do is hang out with people more successful than you, be curious, and ask questions.

Here’s my question for you today: What is the #1 thing standing in your way right now? Please put your comment below.

Hi Trent,

My biggest limitations are time and money right now. Thanks for inspiring me every day!!!



The #1 thing standing in my way is fear of the unknown. I constantly ask myself ‘will Amazon be a business that I thrive and succeed in?’. The only way to know is to get good coaching and take massive action to ensure my success. That is why I purchased WEBS so that I have a template for success.

Ed…google “zero interest credit card offers” and you working capital issues will be solved :slight_smile:

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Hi Alex…thanks for leaving a comment. We are considering offering a group coaching program in the new year, so keep an eye out for that.

They work well, and they fill a specific niche when finances are tight. Just be sure to pay them off before the deadline. The interest rates after the deadlines are not forgiving.

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My biggest fear is buying from China and getting scammed with a container of poor quality junk…

I wouldn’t recommend buying from China without a ton of due diligence and a purchase method that allows you to recoup your money if the product is poor. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend buying a container of product on initial purchase.

There is plenty of lower risk opportunity elsewhere!