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When to Pull Fulfillable Amazon FBA Inventory?

I have a fullfillable product in Amazon FBA inventory. MAP violators have caused my sales to come to a halt. The company I work with is trying to deal with the problem, but this is quite the time consuming process, so I’m told. At what point do you pull the product? When I’m close to long term storage fees? or ride it out and wait for relief? Most of the margin will disappear if I pull it and resend it later. Pull it and change it to Merch fulfilled until MAP issues have been resolved? What does everyone else do?

We have a Long Term Storage Fees checklist in WEBS if you purchased the Professional version… and use that to help make the decision. If getting product returned will kill margin, we approach the supplier and make a case that we should be able to match current pricing since they can’t maintain MAP… it does depend on your relationship with the supplier of course, and on whether you have an exclusive relationship with them.

Great ideas. Thank you for your help!

MAP has always baffled me. What they should call it is what it is. PRICE FIXING! I am actually ok with this concept but would rather the truth be told than trying to kid ones self. I have lived in the former Soviet Union. They had the same thing over there. Just it was the GOV that set the pricing, not the companies. All in all. Not much difference.