When to stop accepting applicants

In one of the WEBS templates, it says
Close position once you have enough applicants (usually 50+)

Is it 50 applicants who are under the $3 range or 50 total?

Also, those that are asking for more than $3 an hour, should we just ignore those applications or let them know what our rate is? Maybe they were asking for higher price to see if they could get it but were willing to work for less.

We closed ours as soon as we hit 50 applicants total, then we cut the ones who were asking more than $3.

We still had plenty of qualified applicants. We reached out to 7, ended up trialing 4 total, and in the end we made 1 hire so far.

I really think the trick is to have them all going at the same time, because it made it really easy to see who the stand outs were.

Best of luck!


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I agree with @MBahe. Close when you have 50 applicants total. Some of the VAs might also accept your rate.

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