Winning new accounts using trade shows

Epic day today. We won a new account worth $10K+/mo in gross profit. Only took me two years from the first time I spoke with them until now.

Got a “we are definitely doing business together. I’m firing 2 of my 4 sellers and adding you as soon as they sell through” from another account that should be worth $50K to $80K/mo in revenue.

I also have at least 10 really solid leads and I expect to win 2-3 of them at a minimum. Another 20 leads that will need nurturing.

If I had to guess, within 90 days, our revenue will be up over $100K/mo.

Here’s a few take aways from my time at the conference over the last few days:

  1. Strong selling brands get pitched far more than you can imagine
  2. Some sellers even offer bribes ($10K cash under the table) to get account approval (didn’t work)
  3. Everyone’s pitch sounds the same (we’ll help you remove unauthorized sellers and increase sales)

So how do you break through?

  1. Rapport is the key to creating opportunities and winning accounts. If they don’t like/trust you, you have no chance in hell.
  2. Content plays a role in building trust. Your smile plays a role in generating rapport.
  3. Be persistent. (email & the phone is great for this)
  4. Go after brands that aren’t yet on everybody’s radar screen. Look for brands that are the up and comers.

There is a MOUNTAIN of opportunity in wholesale. There is a never ending supply of new brands. You simply have to hustle your ass off to get/keep them, and to do that, you have to want it REALLY BAD.

If you aren’t bringing your A-game, don’t bother even trying. You will get beat (every time) by those that did bring their A-game.