Workflow question

Can you delete a workflow? I created a few just to get the feel for how Flowster works, but I am not ready to execute them.

Yes you can! Alternatively, you can also archive them in case you ever want to access them later on.

This guide explains that process:

I have this question too. How do you delete? I do not want to archive my test workflows.


I figured out how to delete the workflow. I think it would be helpful to have that as a screenshot within the link on how to delete one if needed.

Here ya go!

Thank you!!! After all my going back and forth I saw the picture LOL. Trying to digest much at one.

Thanks again for your help!

You’re very welcome @ChelleyAndrews :slight_smile:

@Kane when I assign a workflow to a VA is there a way to assign the entire workflow without going through each slide and assigning the VA. .maybe I missed that part?

@Brandon_Bouchereau yes, just use the left-hand menu for this:

@Kane @Laura assigned workflow question. If a VA can do let’s say 10 extractions in the allowed time . You guys assign 10 workflows to the VA ? If so, are you tracking how many workflows are completed and if they finish the 10 quicker than expected . What do you do then ?

I’ll let @Laura take this one :slight_smile:

@Brandon_Bouchereau This is partly covered in another thread, you can find that here:

All completed and in progress workflows are managed (showing who is assigned to which Product Extraction, the status of the Product Extraction, etc) in the Competitor Tracking document (shown in Sourcing Step 1).

Some Product Extractions will take longer than others (due to size and number of product), so it is very common that one VA will finish 10 Product Extractions faster than others. To avoid running out we assign 5-10 Product Extractions each week so that there are always Product Extractions that need to be completed. If the VA runs out of Product Extractions, then we just assign more.

At the EOD (end of day) reports our VAs send any issues will be brought up by the VA. This includes if they are running out of Product Extractions.

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@Laura thanks! I will look more closely at other questions to see if they are answered . I ask alot of questions :smile:

@Laura of I want to assign 10 workflow to a VA …is there a way to assign it 10 without going to wxch workflow each time and assign some like a batch approval ?

There is not, it needs to be done one by one.