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Working with a prep center

Hi all. Does anyone make their prep center sign an NDA?

The prep center I’m talking with disclosed to me that they are active booksellers in Amazon, but that’s it. They don’t sell anything else or in any other categories.

We have not had our prep center sign an NDA. I did have a little concern with this in the beginning but we have been using the same prep center for over a year and had absolutely no trouble or concern that they or another seller using this prep center is getting information and using it against us.

I’ve run a prep center since 2013 and although I’ve been asked about an NDA, I’ve never needed to sign one once a customer understood that we are focused on speedy delivery of prep, pack, and ship services and not on identifying products to sell.

However, we’ve been asked by potential and existing customers for a tour of our facilities and have always said no. We’ve done this because we want to protect our existing customers and be sure that competing Amazon sellers never see their inventory.

Thank you all for the feedback.