Your opinion on completed tasks appearing in the calendar

We’re hoping to get some user feedback on the Flowster calendar functionality.

If you haven’t seen the new calendar yet, here’s the link:

And here’s a blog post explaining how it works.

Currently, if a Task has been completed, but its Workflow is incomplete, the Task will still appear in the calendar:

On the one hand, using Google Calendar as an example, your old entries are always visible. But on the other hand, if a Workflow is completed and archived, we already hide it from the calendar, so maybe Tasks should function the same way?

What do you think should happen? Please vote below :slight_smile:

  • Completed Tasks SHOULDN’T be shown
  • Completed Tasks SHOULD be shown
  • Show BOTH completed Tasks and completed Workflows

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Interesting results so far! We’re now considering adding a “Show Completed Entries” button so that everyone’s happy :slight_smile:

Good news! You’ll now see a new “Completed” button on the Calendar page:

You can use this to show or hide completed workflows and tasks.

That looks awesome Kane!

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