I recently bought WEBS and I am excited to see how much information is in and how much work will ease us but I want to know more and how we can use Zapier, I know that @Trent_Dyrsmid talked about it in several videos I watched, I have not used this service so far but I would like

Is there a source of information or can you give us some advice?


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Hey Adrian!

This page explains how to get started using Zapier:

If you have any follow up questions, let me know!

Also, if there’s any “triggers” (ie an event in Flowster that would trigger an action in another app) or “actions” (the reverse of this … something that happens in another app that causes an action to occur in Flowster) that you’d like added, I’d love to hear about them.

For example:

  1. You complete a task in Flowster (this is a trigger)
  2. A Trello Card is created (this is the associated action)

Hi Kane,

Thanks for directing, for this reason I asked about it, but I thought we could find some SOP on how and what to do Zap or if we can find Zap`s already made


Ahhh sorry, I’m not aware of any Zapier SOPs, but that guide guide I linked above will provide similar info as would be in an SOP. Maybe someone from Bright Ideas will chime in.

Here’s some of the pre-made Zaps available:

What apps are you wanting to integrate Flowster with?

Hi @Adrian,

We haven’t been using Zaps as we did in the past. Previously, we had Zaps in our Handling Bounced Emails and Importing Leads to HubSpot SOPs. The problem was they broke a fair amount and we received a lot of questions about how to fix them. Unfortunately, we do not have a version of these SOPs anymore.

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