Zoom meeting and calendar

Hi Bright Ideas Tribe,
How much time do you allot per zoom meeting with a supplier on your calendar? Do you make your calendar in 30 minute increments? I like the approach but am concerned that one video call may go longer than expected and I may miss the next call. What are your solutions for this?

We use customer video/conference calls a lot in our other business and take a different approach than others may. We set most of our calls for 20 minutes. We want to respect the other parties time and often we are speaking to higher level execs that appreciate us not blocking out a ton of time on the calendar. By having a shorter call both parties tend to be more upfront and get to the point. We have taken the same appreciate with our wholesale business. While the meeting is only scheduled for 20 min we block out 40 min on our calendar. This gives us some time to run over if needed, but more importantly give us the time to take immediate action on any follow up from the call. Hope that is helpful

Thanks for the advice Ben! What online calendar do you use to schedule these appointments?

Thanks Ben!